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When pest invaders assault through surface soil and spread within the building in search of food, this strategy is used.
Termites will emerge from the earth and cause damage on all types of wood furniture, doors, and frames, among other things.
Anti termite post construction is the best way to avoid further damage to structures that have been invaded by termites. It is not possible that you will have to reconstruct your building if termites are permitted to attack consistently throughout the year.


Post construction termite treatment can be carried out after the building has been completed and is ready to be occupied, or even after it has been occupied. The floor will be gently drilled with a drill to allow chemicals to be injected, then covered again in nearly the same state as before it was drilling.


When used to kill termites gradually by targeting their nervous system, non-repellent / slow action chemical termiticides are particularly efficient. Termites will bring active termiticide to their colonies when they reach soil that has been treated with chemicals.
Other colonies will be impacted in the days ahead as a result of coming into touch with individuals who have been poisoned by the chemical. As a result, the colony as a whole will be discharged.
Following steps are taken while Post construction termite treatment:
Thorough inspection: The first step is a thorough investigation of termite-infested structures. This is necessary for determining the point and course of termite attack, as well as the usage of termite control measures in the structure.
Drilling on the floor: The second stage is to use a drill to bore a hole in the floor’s surface and inject anti-termite chemicals at a particular equal distance location.
Inject a chemical using an injector: Anti termite chemicals are injected into holes in order to protect structure from termites.
Install the bait inside and out: If the inspection results indicate that termite bait should be put in the structure, baiting will be carried out. The placement of bait both outside and inside the colony has the potential to harm the colony as a whole.

Dril-Fill-Seal Method for Termite Control

Dril-Fill-Seal is a method of drilling holes and injecting chemicals (Termiticide solution) at the junction of walls and floors, then sealing them, is used to avoid underground termite infestation.
Holes of 12mm diameter, 20 inches apart, will be drilled at a depth of 12″ on the ground and 4″ on the upper levels along the inner junction. To establish a termite barrier, termiticide will be sprayed under pressure.

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